Application Form

How long is the program?
– 8 weeks long from June 15 to August 7

What is the time requirement?
– It is estimated that you will need to dedicate 10 hours per week for the period of the internship.

Can I participate if I am not in Ottawa?
– Yes, the program will be hosted virtually for the most part.

What is the structure of the Internship?
– There will be teaching, group discussions, hands-on training in your area of interest, a group project, and personal development work.

What topics will be taught?
– We will have sessions on important topics such as the Gospel of Jesus, The Bible, Spiritual & Ministry Gifts, Leadership & Culture, Prayer, Ten Difficult Questions Answered among others. These sessions are designed to go deeper than a typical Sunday teaching.

What are the available areas of focus?
– Event Planning, Project Management, Videography, Photography, Audiovisual (Sound Production, Lighting), Production (Online Church), Social Media & Content Creation, Graphic Design, Teaching & Preaching

Is it a paid Internship?
– No, you will not be paid for the internship as it is designed mainly to train you.

Will this be beneficial for my career?
– The practical and life skills learned will be beneficial to you.

What key skills will I learn?
– In addition to your chosen area of interest, you will also learn discipline, leadership and team work which are valuable skills.